Help Big Oak Citgo Raise Funds for a Dog Park

As a dog, what’s better than being able to roam around freely in a large area without being deterred by a leash? Well, we at Big Oak Citgo are trying to make this a reality. We currently have a Helping Hands ‘Spirit Pump’ available at our gas station until May 24th in an effort to … Continue reading Help Big Oak Citgo Raise Funds for a Dog Park

Align & Balance With Big Oak + Hunter

Hunter Engineering Company manufactures some of the world’s finest alignment systems and wheel balancers—we just purchased one of each. That means, now your tires can reap the benefits that come along with a top notch auto repair shop using equally as high quality equipment. Read on to learn more about our two new systems, then … Continue reading Align & Balance With Big Oak + Hunter

What to Look for in Your Tires

If the tread on your tires is dwindling, it’s certainly time for a replacement set. Much like how there are a variety of car types, makes and models, there is a world of different tire types and sizes to appropriately match the vehicles they’re intended to support. You know that a Jeep Wrangler and a … Continue reading What to Look for in Your Tires

When to Replace Your Battery

Often times, we wait until it’s too late to replace our vehicles’ batteries. Don’t feel bad. It happens to the best of us, because it’s difficult to predict when they’ll kick the can, but you can rest assured they’ll never fail to fail—and they don’t tend to go out at convenient times. You probably know … Continue reading When to Replace Your Battery

Child Passenger Safety

Our shop manager Mike Cooper just received his Child Passenger Safety Technician certification, and on behalf of everyone here at Big Oak Citgo, we want to say congratulations! Now that we have a Kids Safe Worldwide (more info below) certified tech in the shop, you can count on us to handle all of your child … Continue reading Child Passenger Safety